About Megs' Mutts

About us

Megs' Mutts Rescue is a pro-life/no-kill organisation. 
Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home domestic animals, as well as provide services to local communities. Our first rescue took place 15 years ago and we have been going strong ever since .

As a pro-life registered organisation, we rely on the support of caring individuals to assist us in fulfilling our mission which is providing intervention, education, medical assistance, fostering and re-homing of animals .

We assist animals in and around the Cape Flats settlements, including the Bonnie Town settlement where we also provide assistance with the container school and feeding scheme. We were recently paired with them and act as a conduit between other bigger organisations and community members to help rebuild homes and uplift the community.

We are also assisted by the hospital of the People's Dispensary of Sick Animals. We are grateful in that they help us handle all the medical care we need for our animals. We, in turn, assist them with re-homing their animals, and often join forces for events.

We have as little as 15 and as many as 30 dogs in our care at any given time. We love our 3 resident cats as well as our pig, Sarah. We have a special needs dog named Oscar that has been featured in the YOU magazine as well as Animal Zone for his miraculous recovery from swimmer puppy syndrome .